So, Twitter’s gotten weird hasn’t it? Musk bought the company, people from all sorts of walks of life are leaving the platform due to the frankly wild decisions he’s making, and the platform is just hemmoraging advertisers. Whatever happens to Twitter, we as users of the platform will end up losing as Musk attempts to remake it in its image. Not a fun time.

My social media consumption strategy, particularly Twitter, is one of passive collection- I follow smart people doing awesome things, I watch and learn, and attempt to become a magpie in spirit. It’s generally worked out- I’ve learned a lot from various people on there (Shout out to da_667 as well as dozens of others) over the years and missing out on that would be a massive pain.

So I did what any sane person would do, I followed the herd. Jerry Bell stood up the Infosec Exchange Mastodon instance, and good on him frankly. If you’re looking to move and are tangentially related to infosec, hop on board.

I am @ModusMundi on Infosec Exchange, feel free to add me.