I don’t know what goes here help

So I guess about me. I’m an ID and Access Management goon, I’ve been working in the industry for ~9 years. I got started back when Forgerock was rocking this logo: Meditation upon Meditations

And UnboundID was a separate company from Ping. Hell, I was in the industry before Ping and Sailpoint AND Forgerock landed under the roof Thoma Bravo.

I’ve been using and abusing computers for an extremely long time, starting back on a Commodore 64 my dad got me, progressed to a Macintosh Performa 6116 (With a CD-ROM, very fancy), and eventually ended up on a PC.

I’ve played with all sorts of technology in the years I’ve been plugged in. Network gear, infosec-adjacent tools- (IDS/IPS, SIEMs, EDRs), monitoring tools, identity-related software, door access systems, lab assay systems, a whole mess of everything enterprise-related. Likewise I’ve messed with a whole range of stuff in the hobbyist sphere. 3d printing, mechanical keyboards, electronics, gardening, board games, and so on. I say this to say I don’t really know the direction this blog will take.

We’ll see where it goes.