Adding U2F to Your Login in Ubuntu!

So I wrote this a few years ago for Ubuntu and it’s pretty useful, so I ported it over from my old blog. I have performed this configuration for Arch Linux as well and frankly I should write a blog about it, because it was a little fiddly. Anyway here’s the old blog. So one thing I really appreciate about Yubikeys is that they force the issue of security. They are a discrete, physical second factor....

April 2, 2022 · 4 min · 688 words · Modus

Old Wayland VNC stuff

So I’ve ported this article over because it was unironically one of my most popular articles. I guess people really like VNC, which is a mess. Given that Wayland is supposed to be coming back as the “real” default of Ubuntu soon I should revisit this. So in setting up Ubuntu 17.10 on a remote server, you might naturally wish to set up VNC on your box because let’s face it, monitor connectivity is at a premium and command-line wizardry, while amazing, isn’t the best way to go for everyone....

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Old work

I wrote a bunch of blogs about SSSD that people might find useful during my tenure at IDMWorks. What’s absolutely hilarious is that it now says they’re written by “Christine B.”, who I presume worked content management for IDMWorks in porting over to a new system.

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