I know I don’t get a lot of traffic, and I know I don’t post much, but I figured I’d give a notice to the void that I have left the WordPress platform. Why? Well…

1.) Cost of using WordPress itself for what I used it for has went up. I may as well mess around with a VPS for super cheap and run a microblogging platform instead. Shout out to https://1984.hosting/ for decent VPSes.

2.) WordPress has reintroduced advertisements to plans that aren’t $15/month, or pay an additional fee on top of what I am already paying. I can’t really support them playing it both ways.

It’s honestly pretty gross, and Wordpress should be ashamed of themselves for not informing me that my plan was now going to include ads. I never noticed it when I went to the site (And didn’t for years) because I use ad blockers in general- I DNS Blackhole, I use add-ons to block ads, etc.