New Kimchi version soon!

So I know I don’t post often, however if there is one thing I do it’s tinker.  Kimchi, a beautiful and robust KVM management interface done in HTML5, facilitates that- and unfortunately it’s been without a solid release for two years.  A lot of issues have cropped up since then, and I even posted about one of the fixes you have to do in order to get stuff working- fortunately I didn’t run into too many more issues beyond that, but if you look through the Github issues page for it there are a whole mess of issues that got brought up.

However, that’s going to change!  It turns out one of the head people behind it took a break from the codebase and has since come back!

There’s no firm ETA (Which is fair, let’s be real here it’s FOSS), but the fact that it’s still being developed warms my heart.  Wok (And Kimchi, which runs off of it) are great and any forward movement is good movement.

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